Dublin, Ireland

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Come and see Dublin: A beautiful place to visit!

The beauty in Dublin is indisputable; from man-made to natural, the breathtaking structures and countryside will leave you stunned. Dublin is known for its vast array of historic and beautiful castles, charming mountains, and, of course, fine ale. Sit down and enjoy a meal and drink in one of Dublin’s thousand pubs, but make sure you enjoy a pint in Irelend’s oldest pub, the Brazen Head, which has stood there for centuries! Another landmark which has stood its ground faithfully for many years is the Dublin Castle. The oldest castle in Dublin (dating back to 1204) is currently used for State receptions and Presidential Inaugurations.

Explore the grounds of the numerous castles here in Dublin, each of which brimming with intrigue and fascinating history. Dive into Dublin’s past and learn of the fierce battles fought on these very grounds.

If you’re up for a trek, the Dublin Mountains Way is a trail that stretches on for 25 miles, encompassing mountain trails, rural roads, and beautiful country paths. It has been dubbed one of the most scenic routes in the world!

There’s more than just castles, trekking, and ale here in Dublin. Experience the nightlife with parties and concerts, enjoy the authentic local cuisine, or check out the numerous museums and theatres nearby!

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What to see while you're in Dublin


Several attractions and places of interest in or even near Dublin, Ireland will make your visit a memorable one. Here's a list of the must-see places for Dublin!

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